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Setting the policies/direction of the MAFP.

What is a resolution?

A resolution is a written motion to set a specific policy and/or direction for the MAFP. Members submit resolutions prior to the annual House of Delegates meeting, where delegates, comprised of representatives from local chapters, deliberate on them.

What happens when a resolution is passed?

When a resolution passes, it begins to guide the time, energy and resources of the MAFP leaders and staff. Work begins soon after the House of Delegates meeting to address the resolution, including planning, follow up with key stakeholders, grassroots advocacy and much more.

MAFP committees, task forces and work groups may be intimately involved in executing action on a resolution. Members are also invited and encouraged to contact legislators and get involved in other grassroots activities, when applicable.

Actions taken on resolutions are regularly reviewed at board meetings for progress and accountability as well as presented at the annual House of Delegates meeting.

Read specific actions on resolutions

How does a resolution become policy?

  1. Resolution submitted: An individual or chapter submits a resolution, with supporting information and a call to action, through the MAFP’s online form.
  2. Speaker reviews: The Speaker of the House and MAFP staff review resolutions, along with current and previous policies.
  3. Resolution introduced: The resolution is introduced at the House of Delegates, preferably the author.
  4. Testimony heard: Testimony is heard in support or opposition of the resolution.
  5. Resolution reviewed: The resolution is referred to the reference committee for review and recommendation.
  6. Delegates vote: Delegates vote on the resolution.
  7. Resolution adopted: If the resolution is adopted, it will guide the time, energy and resources of the MAFP staff and leaders. Work will begin to address the resolution.
  8. Work reviewed: Work on resolutions is reviewed at each board meeting, with an emphasis on accountability.
  9. Actions presented: Actions around resolutions are presented at the annual House of Delegates meeting.

Download “How a Resolution Becomes MAFP Policy.”

Submit a Resolution

Resolutions for the 2020 House of Delegates are due by June 3, 2020.

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