Resolution Submission Form

Resolutions for the 2018 House of Delegates were due March 9, 2018. If you have a resolution for 2018 that you have not submitted, please contact the MAFP office about the possibility of a late submission.

Please see our resolution writing tips and sample resolution for help in forming your resolution.

Resolutions will only be accepted through this form.

You will not be able to save this form and return to it later. You may copy and paste from another document.

Please note the following in composing your resolution:

  • If you want to reference supporting or source information in your whereas statements, format your reference numbers like this: [#]. Example: Higher utilization has been shown to improve these rates [2].
  • Resolution Title – Please use Title Case.
  • Resolution Author – The resolution author may be one individual, several individuals, a chapter, a committee, etc.
  • WHEREAS – Enter each whereas statement individually, clicking Add after each one. Begin each statement with WHEREAS. You may enter up to 10 whereas statements.
  • BE IT RESOLVED – Enter each resolution statement individually, clicking Add after each one. Begin the first statement with BE IT RESOLVED; begin each additional statement with BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED. You may enter up to 5 resolution statements.
  • Additional Supporting Information – You may use this field to provide supporting documentation references and/or to cite your sources. You are encouraged to provide links to reference materials/sources that are available online. Enter each item of additional supporting information individually, clicking Add after each one. Begin each item with the reference number [#], if using them. You may enter up to 20 supporting items.
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