Past Recipients: Educator of the Year
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Family Medicine Educator of the Year Recipients

2019 Andrea Westby, MD
2018 Robert Levy, MD
2017 Renee Crichlow, MD, FAAFP
2016 Carrie Link, MD
2015 Michael Wootten, MD
2014 Shailendra Prasad, MBBS, MPH
2013 Roger Lindholm, MD
2012 Paul Van Gorp, MD
2011 Jeremy Springer, MD
2010 Mark Becker, MD
2009 Ruth Westra, DO, MPH
2008 Gwen Halaas, MD, MBA
2007 James Van Vooren, MD
2006 Angela O'Neil, MD
2005 Kent Bergh, MD
2004 Kathleen Macken, MD
2003 Jennifer Welsh, MD
2002 Paul Erickson, MD
2001 William Kaczrowski, MD
2000 Christopher Reif, MD
1999 Kathleen Culhane-Pera, MD
1998 Lisa Spatz, MD
1997 Peter Harper, MD
1996 David C. Agerter, MD, and Harley J. Racer, MD
1995 Byron J. Crouse, MD
1994 Daniel P. Benzie, MD
1993 Nancy J. Baker, MD
1992 Gregory J. Gepner, MD
1991 Stuart V. Thorson, MD
1990 Thomas W. Day, MD
1989 Roger A. MacDonald, MD
1988 John E. Verby, MD
1987 Thomas B. Birkey, MD, and Norman L. Hagberg, MD
1986 John W. Bachman, MD
1985 James Blackman, MD
1984 Robert F. Avant, MD
1983 Lyle Munneke, MD
1982 Terrance P. Henderson, MD
1981 Charles R. Pelzl, MD
1979 Robert L. Zemke, MD
1978 Harley J. Racer, MD
1977 Donald S. Asp, MD
1976 William E. Jacott, MD
1974 Robert W. Reif, MD
1973 Edward W. Ciriacy, MD
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