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MAFP Officers 2018-2019

  • Glenn Nemec, MD
    Glenn Nemec, MD
  • Renée Crichlow, MD, FAAFP
    Renée Crichlow, MD, FAAFP
  • David Bucher, MD
    David Bucher, MD, FAAFP
    Immediate Past President
  • Kurt Angstman, MD
    Kurt Angstman, MD, FAAFP
  • Andrew Slattengren, DO
    Andrew Slattengren, DO
  • Deborah Dittberner, MD
    Deborah Dittberner, MD
    Vice Speaker
  • David Goodman, MD
    David Goodman, MD
    Officer at Large
  • Maria Huntley, CAE, MAM
    Maria Huntley, CAE, MAM
    Executive Vice President

MAFP Directors 2018-2019

  • Shanda Dorff, MD
    Shanda Dorff, MD
    Special Constituency Director
  • Andrea Westby, MD
    Andrea Westby, MD
    New to Practice Director
  • Deb Allert, MD
    Deb Allert, MD
    Employed Physician Director
  • Amanda Hoffman, MD
    Amanda Hoffman, MD
    Physician Owner Director
  • Roli Dwivedi, MD
    Roli Dwivedi, MD
    Director at Large, Metro
  • Suzanne Human, MD
    Suzanne Human, MD
    Director at Large, Greater Minnesota
  • Alex Vosooney, MD
    Alex Vosooney, MD
    Director at Large
  • Kimberly Wernsing, MD
    Kimberly Wernsing, MD
    Director at Large
  • Betsy Gilbertson, MD
    Betsy Gilbertson, MD
    Director at Large
  • Alex Gits, MD
    Alex Gits, MD
    Resident Director
  • Ben Meyerink, MD
    Ben Meyerink, MD
    Alternate Resident Director
  • Christopher Hughes, MS4
    Christopher Hughes, MS4
    Student Director
  • Nathan Rockey, MS2
    Nathan Rockey, MS2
    Alternate Student Director
  • Emily Sirek, MS2
    Emily Sirek, MS2
    Alternate Student Director

MAFP AAFP Delegates 2018-2019

  • Julie Anderson, MD, FAAFP
    Julie Anderson, MD, FAAFP
    AAFP Delegate
  • Daron Gersch, MD, FAAFP
    Daron Gersch, MD, FAAFP
    AAFP Delegate
  • Dania Kamp, MD, FAAFP
    Dania Kamp, MD, FAAFP
    AAFP Alternate Delegate
  • Renée Crichlow, MD, FAAFP
    Renée Crichlow, MD, FAAFP
    AAFP Alternate Delegate

MAFP Committee Chairs

  • Jay Dirks
    Jay Dirks, MD, FAAFP
    Academic Affairs
  • Michele A. Hanson, MD
    Michele A. Hanson, MD
  • Rosa Marroquin, MD
    Rosa Marroquin, MD
    Communications & Member Services
  • Kurt Angstman, MD, FAAFP
  • Dania Kamp, MD, FAAFP
    Dania Kamp, MD, FAAFP
    Leadership Development
  • Sam Hanson Willis, MD
    Sam Hanson Willis, MD
  • Alan Olson, MD
    Alan Olson, MD
    Practice Enhancement and Patient Advocacy
  • Tanner Nissly, DO
    Tanner Nissly, DO
    Research & Quality Improvement
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