2016 Resolution
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Resolution #3: Request for strengthening Minnesota Rules to require completion of a Health Impact 2 Assessment (HIA) for sulfide mining proposals

Submitted by: MAFP Lake Superior Chapter

WHEREAS, Minnesota is poised to develop reserves of copper, nickel, platinum group elements and other minerals; and

WHEREAS, mining and processing of these minerals releases toxins known to be harmful to human health; and

WHEREAS, Minnesota government officially espouses a “health in all policies” approach to natural resource development and more than two dozen HIAs have already been completed or are in process in Minnesota; and

WHEREAS, in 2015 the MAFP supported the “completion of a Human Health Impact Assessment for mining projects so that both health professionals and the public can make informed decisions” (Resolution 3);

BE IT RESOLVED, that the MAFP supports the preparation of a comprehensive, independently produced Health Impact Assessment (HIA) for all sulfide mining projects requiring the completion of an environmental assessment worksheet (EAW) or an environmental impact statement (EIS), and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the MAFP also supports changing Minnesota Administrative Rules in Chapter 4410 to include the requirement that a comprehensive and independent HIA be prepared for all sulfide mining projects requiring an EAW or EIS.

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